11th September

JCI Fingal Podcast and Video Training

by Peter Van De Velde
JCI Fingal

JCI Fingal are delighted to present our latest event, Podcast and Video Training with Peter Van De Velde! This promises to be a fantastic practical training where members will learn all the skills they need to create their own video content and podcasts. 

Trainer Peter Van De Velde is a Gym owner and Personal Trainer in Lievegem (Belgium) and a member of JCI for almost 6 years. He has visited many local, regional and world congresses and is a local board member of JCI Brussels and VP Internationalism, VP Education, and VP Communications.

He is passionate about self-development, internationalism, and creativity and his main passion is digital media. He now wishes to help JCI and its members by taking digital leadership to find its way to the future by showing what is possible and helping members to be more visible online.
Peter has won a number of prizes within JCI including: 

2014 Best New Member of JCI Vlaanderen
2014 World Champion Debating in French
2019 World Champion Debating in German
2020 Best member with best external relations of JCI Vlaanderen

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Date & Time

Saturday, 11 September 2021
10:30 - 12:00 GMT


Online Event

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