My first European Conference by appreciating internationalism through JCI Conferences

30 Jun 2021 President Ireland By President Ireland

Perhaps, a lot of people would ask, 'What was 2021 like for JCI members appreciating internationalism through conferences amidst the pandemic year?" The answer is just like any other conference, it went on like the usual vibe but might have been even more inviting being that it became accessible online.


Because of its online availability, most conferences have been easier to attend as anybody could jump on in their mobile phones or PCs. I have almost made it to the grand slam except for the 2021 Africa and the Middle East Conference and Online 2021 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference. I did attend the 2021 JCI Conference of Americas, the World Congress, and of course, the JCI European Conference.


I have always thought that to maximize one's membership in an international active citizen organization, one must really try to attend conferences from regional to international events. Since becoming a dual member of JCI Ireland last year, I have exponentially networked with several JCI members through various events and attending the 2021 JCI European Conference was quite meaningful and memorable.


It was my first European Conference, and I was blown away by the connections made from the event. It did truly encourage me to sign up when I learned that a first-timer grant was available. Thanks to JCI Ireland for such an opportunity.


I appreciated the experience of having attended the European Conference which led me to more opportunities and connections. In the process, I learned a lot from a diverse array of project focus and program initiatives allowing me as well to compare notes on the areas of focus in our state and even in the U.S.


The competitions, awards were also inspiring. The networking was bigger than I thought especially since there were breakout rooms and the sessions on the full calendar were all throughout very relevant.


One presentation that had a profound impact on me was the Peace Project that was shared by one national organization that they have maintained to encourage members to participate in it actively. Also, worth noting was the session on learning profitable skills increasing an individual’s value as a professional and a community member contributing to higher-level performance at the workplace and in one’s personal life.


I know there’s so much to attending conferences as such leaving you all pumped up with your journey as a leader and it is just one of the exciting realities of being part of the JCI movement!