Message from 2021 JCI World President

01 Jan 2021 President Ireland By President Ireland

Dear National President Carol Ho, the 2021 Board of Directors and the members of JCI Ireland,

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us with many projects and events canceled around the world due to the COVID-19, but through the dedication and hard work of the members of JCI Ireland and the world, we have come closer ever than before to tackle a common issue.

2020 was a pivotal moment for JCI and 2021 will be equally important. We must continue to take definitive steps to transform and stay relevant in a changing world - we must continue to adapt.

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and there is still work to be done by JCI members to turn challenges into opportunities. A hundred thousand small actions can provide many positive improvements to economies, people, businesses and societies at large.

The slogan of 2021 is ONE FUTURE.

This comprises of two very important, and truly powerful principles, both of which taken from the Japanese language. It is when these two principles are valued truly from the heart and acted upon which brings them to life. These two principles, if lived by and “done” rather than simply “said”, can truly help us realize the goal of ONE FUTURE.

The first principle is OKAGESAMA and it is a word used in Japanese to express humility and gratitude towards the people or things we depend upon or receive help from.

The second principle is OYAKUME and it refers to our role in society - whether it be as a father, a mother, a friend, a boss or simply as an inhabitant on the earth that we call home.

It is our duty to recognize and fulfill each of our roles in society and do so from the heart. It is in this way, the principles of OKAGESAMA and OYAKUME are interdependent, and equally essential if we are to make real progress towards building ONE FUTURE.

2021 will be as challenging as the year that preceded it and it will be up to us to turn that challenge into an opportunity. As the President-elect of 2021, I would like to make closer ties with JCI Ireland and work hand in hand towards a better world.

I look forward to an amazing 2021.


Ryubun Kojima
2021 President