Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ireland
Be better, make a difference through positive change!

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

JCI is a worldwide community of young active citizens ages 18-40 who share the belief that in order to create positive change, we must take collective action to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Engaging in activities ranging from sustainable development to international projects, we take responsibility for our communities while improving ourselves through participation, leadership and action.

JCI Ireland currently has six branches throughout the country. To find your nearest branch or to find out how to set up a new branch check out our local branches page.

Development Opportunities:

JCI Ireland provides individuals with development opportunities in four areas. Members can choose to participate in all or any of these areas as they wish.

Individual: To provide the opportunity for the individual member to realise their personal potential through training programs.

Business: To provide the opportunity for members to contribute to the development of the economic infrastructure, prosperity and well being of all nations.

Community: To develop the sensitivity of the member to societal problems and knowledge of community dynamics in solving these problems through actual experience.

International: To Provide the opportunity for the individual member to contribute to the development of goodwill, understanding, and cooperation among all people.

Be Better!

JCI members constantly seek ways to live JCI’s slogan, Be Better. JCI members think critically about existing problems to find sustainable solutionsfor a better future. We not only believe that improvement is possible in our communities and in ourselves, we believe it is our responsibility.

Active Citizens

As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities. We have shared local, national and global interests. Active citizenship is the capacity we all have to work together towards our common goals. This spirit links JCI members: the sense of social responsibility and the initiative to take action to benefit society.

Around the Globe:

With about 5,000 Local Organizations, JCI’s international network connects nearly 200,000 active citizens in more than 100 countries. Members belong to a JCI Local Organization where they implement local projects. Local Organizations are affiliated to National Organizations that coordinate activities on national and international scales. This structure forms a worldwide grassroots movement creating global impact through local action.

International Events

Each year, members from around the globe come together at JCI International Events. There is the JCI World Congress as well as regional conferences in Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and Europe. At these events, JCI’s critical mass of young people unite to share experiences, learn through training and form intercultural connections. These international forums enable us to find new ways to take action in our local communities and show our commitment to socially responsible leadership.

Be better, make a difference through positive change!...

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